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Case Study

London Underground


Our client in the mass transport industry needed to make some fundamental changes to align their working practices with new regulations.  In a culture steeped in history this had the potential for conflict and resistance to change.  There was a perception of massive job losses and a constant feeling that “Big Brother” is watching.


Mindful of the sensitive situation we approached the project from both ends of the spectrum.  We involved the staff ‘on the ground’ in building a picture of existing working practices and then worked at managerial level to identify where they wanted to be.  We analysed the gap between the two and with the involvement of both groups designed workshops and training courses to implement the changes in technology and working practices.  As the roll out took effect we went on 24 hour shift with the staff to support their learning.




Not only were the new working practices in place within the regulatory timescales but they were also fully integrated within the company culture.  The perceptions the workforce had at the outset changed to positive and collaborative leading to a successful implementation of the whole programme.



We have a unique approach to technology. 

Many people think that technology is the solution to all their problems.  Organisations invest a large amount of capital into their technology and then find they either have the same problems amplified or new problems they hadn’t anticipated.

We start by looking at the end goal and help people decide whether technology is the correct solution.  Sometimes there is a simpler, cheaper and more effective solution to the problem.  If it is right to introduce technology as a solution we work from the basis that people will influence the success or failure of its implementation.

This people-focused approach has led to the successful implementation and usage of many computer systems.  With such a large investment we believe it is important for organisations to train their people well so that they get the full benefit of that investment.

We also believe that the correct use of technology can have a major impact on the success of individuals and small businesses.

At Hartspring Consultants we make complex subjects easy to understand.  Whether it is the introduction of new technology or a change in working practices we pride ourselves in being able to communicate the benefits to the end user. 

Anyone who has had to introduce a new system into an organisation knows that the success of the implementation depends on the acceptance of the change by the people using it.  Our strengths lie in our ability to quickly understand the idiosyncrasies of a business and the attitudes and morale of the workforce.  We have worked in change-resistant environments to win the ‘hearts and minds’ necessary to deliver many successful implementations.

How do we do this?

  • We listen!
  • We communicate the vision!
  • We feed back suggestions and comments on how to make the implementation work better.
  • We make sure the communication is a 2-way process.

We help the end users realise the benefits of moving to the new way of working.  We engage people through training, workshops, on the job facilitation (floor walking) and user groups.

Our clients are usually small consultancies or software houses who are providing the resources for a massive change program in a large organisation.  We act either as an additional project resource or as a joint-venture partner.

With over 20 years experience we have a wealth of expertise to offer.  We have knowledge of the following industries:

  • mass transport
  • software
  • water industry
  • laboratories
  • manufacturing
  • publishing
  • financial institutions (back office)
  • defence
  • training delivery
  • entrepreneurship
  • local government