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Case Studies

Increasing  ROI on Training

A Manager returned from a training course and was fired up by the new techniques he had learned.  Unfortunately a month later, he  returned to his old patterns of behaviour and the manual joined the many others on the shelf. Does this sound familiar? It can be tough to try something new, even risky, especially if nothing has changed in the work context to support it. Unless your beliefs and values have moved on too, it can be easier not to try.   When he took on a business coach he found he had someone making him accountable for the changes and was able to start implementing his ideas.



Accelerating into a new role

A new leader was appointed to a position with people responsibility for the first time.  He struggled  because, like many new leaders he was appointed for his track record, technical expertise and 'potential'. However, success in this role depended on him learning a different set of behaviours, including the soft skills.   He decided to get some coaching to help him with the changes required.  He found it involved letting go of old ways, and creating a new sense of identity.  He needed to develop a new mental model of who he is, what he does and how he relates to those around him in the organisation.



Do you want an edge over the competition?
Do you want to lay solid foundations for growth?
Does your organisation need to save money and improve performance?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then we can help.

Organisations often overlook the value of soft skills training and what it adds to staff performance and morale.  Many organisations ignore the consequences of a lack of training at their peril.

If you promote someone into a managerial role without some leadership development they can often flounder and make mistakes.  Those mistakes can be costly to the organisation so wouldn’t it be better to invest in developing a good leader who will help to drive the business forward?Ask how our Powerful Leadership Programme can enhance your organisation.
Developing your organisation often involves making presentations.  If you find that your suggestions are ignored or you fail to win the business then you probably need some help.Our award winning You Can Speak with Confidence has proven results for presentations and conference speaking time and time again.  Why not use our Presentation Clinic™ to hone your delivery into a powerful, sharp, focused, winning presentation?
A dysfunctional team can destroy the effectiveness of an organisation.  If there is conflict or low morale these issues need to be addressed.  Most people go to work for more than just money.  An enjoyable work environment has more impact on performance than inducements and incentives (that’s how Richard Branson got people to work so hard for low salaries).Investing in your team’s development will pay off many times over.  Our Power Team Programme enables a paradigm shift in attitudes and brings greater understanding of relationships in the workplace.  The power of the team is developed in a fun and enjoyable way.

These are some of our key products.  We can also provide programmes covering:
  • Marketing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Diversity training
  • Assertiveness
and much more……

Having a commitment to lifelong learning is crucial to the success of any business.  Learning new skills and developing a greater understanding of oneself helps an individual to grow and become stronger.  When this is applied to a group the effect is magnified.  This is why successful businesses realise the importance of training their staff.

If people have the right tools they can do their jobs much more effectively and this ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line.