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Case Studies

Increasing  ROI on Training

A Manager returned from a training course and was fired up by the new techniques he had learned.  Unfortunately a month later, he  returned to his old patterns of behaviour and the manual joined the many others on the shelf. Does this sound familiar? It can be tough to try something new, even risky, especially if nothing has changed in the work context to support it. Unless your beliefs and values have moved on too, it can be easier not to try.   When he took on a business coach he found he had someone making him accountable for the changes and was able to start implementing his ideas.



Accelerating into a new role

A new leader was appointed to a position with people responsibility for the first time.  He struggled  because, like many new leaders he was appointed for his track record, technical expertise and 'potential'. However, success in this role depended on him learning a different set of behaviours, including the soft skills.   He decided to get some coaching to help him with the changes required.  He found it involved letting go of old ways, and creating a new sense of identity.  He needed to develop a new mental model of who he is, what he does and how he relates to those around him in the organisation.



What do Tiger Woods, Maurice Green, Lennox Lewis and Matthew Pinsett have in common?

The answer is they all have one (if not more!) coaches.
You see, even the best need help. They need a coach, someone to assess their performance, someone to show them how they can improve. They need someone to give them objective advice, and who will push them forward onto even greater achievement.  And business people are the same.  

Our involvement can be as little or as much as you require, from ready advice on the telephone through to attendance at monthly management meetings and beyond. We are here to provide you with a fresh pair of eyes, to challenge your views, to suggest alternatives, but most of all to encourage and support you when times may not be as good as you had hoped.
So what is Business Coaching?

It is an effective means of improving business results and is rapidly becoming a leading development process for business.  It offers individual attention and focuses on how you can be at your very best.  By recognising how you have learned your current ways, you can identify new choices that may be more effective now. Emotional (and unconscious) barriers often deter us from changing our behaviours and attitudes. Business coaching addresses these barriers, and you are encouraged to stretch current performance boundaries.

Old patterns of thought, behaviour and perspective are challenged. Dramatic leaps in self-knowledge and adaptability can result.

The Role of the Coach

An experienced Business Coach creates a trusting, collaborative and stimulating environment. We listen to your concerns, and offer practical processes that enable you to explore the issue. This helps you to identify actions that you are prepared to implement. It is an achievement-oriented partnership focused on you, and the results that matter to you.

What is the investment?

The main investment required is your time and the commitment to put your learning into action.

We identify the time and financial commitment before your programme begins. Programmes consist of a defined number of sessions.
Our initial discussion of how coaching would help you is free of charge. Please call us on or contact here.
What makes Coaching so effective?

Success Keys
  • We work on real business issues.
  • This results in a rapid and significant return on investment.
  • There are a defined number of sessions. Costs and time commitment are identified clearly. This maintains focus on results, ROI and discourages dependency.
  • Time efficient - we travel to you or work on the phone at a time to suit you.