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The workshop provided a good grounding in the various considerations for making an effective speech or presentation – a little of everything, ranging from voice and posture, to PowerPoint, it’s pitfalls and value. 

Of particular value was the part that brought the various learning styles to life and reminded us not to exclude anyone because of our own preferred style.

Sue Powell – Eluminas Coaching & Development

“I thoroughly enjoyed presenting which went well and the message was delivered in a conducive manner with humour.   They laughed at my jokes and it was very satisfying to answer their questions as it showed that the presentation was well received.
My gratitude to you for your help “

N P -  Investment Banker


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Theresa Truscott Managing Director
“True motivation (as opposed to firing people up and then expecting them to simply get on with it) isn't just for special occasions either; it's an important, if not vital, part of every-day life. People need that something extra, - however small - to feed their esteem and self-worth, so they can get up tomorrow and do the job in hand with enthusiasm
 and confidence”

Theresa is the founder and Managing Director of Hartspring Consultants Ltd.  She created the company to fill a gap in the market between technical people and the everyday user. Training and coaching have been a way of life for Theresa, an ex teacher, software developer and technical trainer, throughout her life she has enjoyed and naturally leaned towards bringing the best out of people and organisations.

With a background rooted in high level consultancy, Theresa brings over 20 years of experience of consultancy experience in change management, business process re- engineering, training and development. She has worked on multi million pound projects with London Underground and Eurostar, delivering both technical and soft skills training programmes.

Theresa is able to de-mystify people management issues and provide a safe forum to both address fears and equip key staff with valuable communication skills to effect change. Energy, relationships, attention to detail, follow-through.... these are the core terms most often used to describe Theresa’s passion for training and coaching. She brings her heart and soul to every single interaction.

Comfortable in the boardroom, the conference room or the shop floor, Theresa brings a heart of compassion and a solid performance focus to her interaction with every client. Synthesizing these dynamic learning experiences into
pro-active coaching, Theresa brings a wealth of practical, real life management experience and presence into every learning relationship.

Her belief is that workers have the ability and desire to create high-performance organisations, but that this can only happen through their involvement.