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We have known each other for twenty years or so and Theresa is someone I regard as the best in her field I have ever worked with.  A very highly regarded trainer, we have also worked on software projects (i.e. she is more than happy with deeply technical subjects), written technical manuals, pretty much the entire spectrum of getting technical products and users working seamlessly together.  She's an NLP expert and one of the nicest people you're ever likely to meet (and that's what I thought BEFORE she learned NLP, so I know it's not just her power of persuasion)!!!!
Tony Cutlan - Director, Software Incorporated

A good, quick broad brush workshop on public speaking that offers useful procedures, proven methods and practical tips on how to deal with the many “fears” and “flaws” that most people must overcome when making a presentation or speech to an audience.
Charles Hardemann – Santerre Ltd

"I got 3 pieces of new work the very next day by using only one of the techniques" 
John Cross - Director, Cross Facilities Management


Hartspring Consultants Ltd provides training and coaching resources to businesses where no suitable training function exists.  This may be for a small enterprise with limited resources wishing to offer more to customers or it may be a large organisation requiring bespoke specialist training.  Our key strengths are:-

  • The skills to create and deliver high quality training courses
  • An uncanny ability to understand a business and to learn technical products quickly
  • Hands-on project management expertise that enables us to resource and deliver project deliverables on time and to budget
  • A jargon-busting approach to delivering technical training to non-technical users
  • Our ability to win ‘hearts and minds’ in sensitive change and business process re-engineering programmes

We have a wide range of skills and can offer training in both technical and soft skills.  We are often asked to provide following:

  • IT systems training
  • Telephone systems training
  • Leadership skills training and coaching
  • Public speaking training and coaching
  • Individual performance coaching